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Outdoor Disinfection Service

Keep guests, employees, and home residents safe with outdoor disinfection service. Sanitize dining, swimming,  recreation, and restroom areas.

As per the CDC’s recommended guidelines to help prevent the spread of corona viruses, COVID-19, and other viruses, our outdoor disinfection service focuses on high-touch areas of your public or private outdoor areas.

Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces should be done daily in public areas, or after a gathering of guests from outside the residence:

  • Handrails
  • Playground equipment 
  • Chairs and tabletops
  • Door handles 
  • Handwashing and sanitizer stations
  • Restrooms (doors, handrails, dispensers, mirrors, sinks, fixtures, toilets/urinals, floors, partitions etc.)

Disinfection Products

Disinfection Guidelines

We adhere to OSHA regulations and strictly follow state and Federal guidelines for disease cleanup and disinfection.